It’s time to tell the stories

Ten years ago there was a divorce. It was nasty. There was a small child and a conservative court. The mother was granted full custody. The father was devastated.

He was bullied by his wife during their brief marriage and he knew the bullying would intensify in the empowered hands of his ex-wife. She held the perfect weapon. Their son.

A Google search for “parental alienation” leads mostly to psychologist and attorney sites.  These sites are very informative but do not tell the stories. There are a few other voices out there — both targeted parents and adult survivors of PA. This blog will add a voice to the heartbroken but determined choir. Is anybody listening?


One thought on “It’s time to tell the stories

  1. I am a South African father living with exactly the same trauma as I read amongst these pages!. After a 5-year court battle and my life savings (spent on legal fees), the mother of my son and daughter managed to switch judges at the very last minute. The previous judge had commissioned the Family advocates office to report on the best interests of the children – whether to relocate with their mother and her third (dope smoking) husband to Botswana or to stay in Cape Town with their father.

    After a six month independent investigation, the Family Advocates office reported NO relocation. With the newly switched female feminist biased judge… was a one way barrage in favour of moving countries with the poisonous mother! My son and daughter were manipulated and lied to, they were 6 and 7 years old.

    It’s been two years since my two children moved to a small incestuous town in the middle of nowhere! The mother continues to try and keep me away from the children all the time. She refuses to put them on a flight to visit me and their family, she makes calling the children a nightmare and turns them off maintaining a relationship with me. She is a narcissistic sociopath, supported by an evil and biased legal system that automatically gives custody to mothers – even psychotic ones!

    The root of all this evil is clearly explained by Cassey Jaye in her documentary The Red Pill. There you will find the reasons for the break down in the family unit, why mothers have a self-appointed entitlement over children and why they will suffer as a result. Simply, in my opinion, when God’s laws become human (mother’s) laws, children will stand a chance. In the meantime the corrupt and prejudiced legal system, run more and more by feminist biased judges, will continue to steal happy lives from innocent children – who deserve equal access to both parents.

    God help us father’s and our precious children.


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