Our Response to the Westminster Dialogues

US families are suffering, too. Some states are worse than others, as is the case with most things American. And as usual, Europe is more progressive.

Cornerstone Community Alliance Support

An important debate is taking place next week with the aim of legal reform.

We have composed the following to input to that debate, which we have contributed via one of the affiliated sites.

Some excellent comments.
It is clear that parent alienation is an issue that grows and infects more families with every divorce.
It is apparent that there are links between alienation and the statistics relating to unhappiness and self-harming in children and suicide statistics relating to men within the traditional “fatherhood” range.
As awareness grows, however, we must not be diverted by the symptoms, we must strive to address the root causes and to bring about changes to family law, social services and enforcement,

I represent an organisation called Peace not PAS. (www.peacenotpas.com).

As the name suggests, we were established in order to provide support for all those affected by Parental Alienation and also promote awareness of…

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