“It’s easier to buy a gun than to get help.”

A co-worker said this referring to a different mental health situation, but it hit home. We have been dealing with contact denial since late May and parental alienation for eleven years. The court has been “involved” this time since early July. The court “ordered” the contact denial to end and for reunification counseling to begin “immediately.”

It is DECEMBER 18. Contact denial continues. Psychs and counselors have been unwilling or unqualified to tackle reunification or just don’t reply to requests for information.

The lawyers and a judge had a phone conversation in August. And in October. Another one is scheduled for January.

It is DECEMBER 18. Nothing has changed.*

Suicide is all too common in alienation situations. It makes sense – a part of you has already died.

  • Men aged 45–64 had the second-highest suicide rate for males in 2014 and the largest percent increase (43%) in rates, increasing from 20.8 in 1999 to 29.7 in 2014. (cdc.gov)

How more hopeless can hopelessness get when professionals are involved and are supposed to be helping and NO HELP HAPPENS?

*Except deeper entrenchment and resentment.

It is DECEMBER 18. A gun could be purchased TODAY at nearby Dad’s Gun Shop. Maybe there’s even a holiday sale. God Bless America. Merry Xmas. The war continues.