Parental Alienation 1 2 3

Parental Alienation in 3 easy steps

1- When child is a toddler, do not let him take his favorite blanket and stuffed animals to his Dad’s house. Be sure to pack these comfort items when he has sleepovers with the maternal grandparents, though, to show that other beds CAN be okay, but the bedroom at Dad’s is the WRONG bed.

2- When child is in preschool and is experiencing toilet training problems or gastric distress, blame Dad’s diet as child is listening when talking with friends, family, daycare staff, and doctors (when the most likely diagnosis is nervous stomach due to anxiety). Make it clear that the food at Dad’s is the WRONG food.

3- When child is school age, fill out the school forms so his stepmother and paternal grandparents are not on the list for approved pickup or school communication. There are only so many lines available on the forms, and after listing maternal grandparents and, grudgingly after a court order, Dad, there’s no room to add stepmom or paternal grandparents. They are not approved members of his family. Make it clear the people at Dad’s are the WRONG family.

Result: When child becomes a teenager and can express his “own” views, he will say, “Dad’s house is the WRONG house. I don’t want to go there anymore.”

To these 3 simple steps, add hundreds more direct anti-Dad statements and actions and thousands more in-direct allusions and hints and subtle but discernible sighs and body language and facial expressions. You will have success in COMPLETELY eliminating Dad and Dad’s entire side of the family from child’s life.

As one alienator confessed, “It’s easy.”


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